We must stop this madness...

—Crown "The Grass Is On The Grass"

Crown is a male contestant in Brawl For Paradise. Crown is currently competing on Team Blaze, but he is no longer competing in BFP due to its cancellation, but he will be the 1 returning in competing in the BFP reboot.


Crown is a golden king's crown with a blue jewel in the center. The jewel can sometimes change colors or fall off, as seen in the fifth BFP short, titled: "It's Green Isn't It?"


Crown is pretty egotistical and thinks that he's the boss of everyone, but at the same, he's not a fan of bullying. He'll stand up for anyone who's being attacked, and he might even publicly expose them, to get them eliminated. For example, Oreo. In The Grass Is On The Grass.




  1. "The Grass Is On The Grass": Gets killed when Diamond emerges from the ground.


  1. “BFP Shorts 5:it’s green isn't it?”: Crown changes gem color.
  2. He is a returning contestant in the reboot!


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