Mewanimates or often referred to as "Mew", (Born April 12, 2006) is a Canadian YouTuber. He created and produced Brawl For Paradise, a parody of Battle For Dream Island.


Personal Life

Mewanimates is a male 14 year old OSC member, who created the show, Brawl For Paradise. According to Mew himself, he lives in the country of Canada. Checking the release date of Mew's video, "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!", and his reveal of his age on the Brawl For Paradise Official Server (discord), Mewanimates was supposedly born on April 12, 2006.

Mewanimates is also absolutely in love with cats. In the Brawl For Paradise Official Server (discord), Mew actually specified in a chat one day his name "Mewanimates" came from the cats, mewing which can be used in the context, mewing for milk. Mew currently has shown two cats as pets that are alive, and one has died very recently. Two of the alive pets are named Hannah, and Ollie. The cat that has died was named Oreo, which is also one of the characters in Brawl For Paradise, the character Oreo. Oreo died on March, 26th, 2020, and Mew released a video named "Without World - A Tribute To My Cat Oreo (2008-2020)", on April, 27, 2020, one day after Oreo's death. The name implies this is a video showing fanart and photos of Oreo to go along with the music, "WITHOUT WORDS" by Spectra 2014 Singers. At the current time, Mewanimates has not given info on the rest of his cats, so some info may be wrong.

Mewanimates' OC

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Mewanimates currently owns a 2 year old YouTube channel with over 3,000 subscribers, and has 150+ videos lurking on it, starting back all the way from Mewanimates' oldest standing video to date, BFB 14 Map Part 101, which was a MAP entry for CoolcidProd's BFB 14 MAP. Compared to some other OSC YouTubers, Mewanimates uploads frequently (weekly) ranging from any type of content. He was a very unknown OSC YouTuber until he decided to push himself around the OSC for more popularity, such as making Sonicboom363 an icon and making a huge success on his BFB 15 M.A.P. These actions boosted his popularity by a long shot and made his name well known in the OSC. Mewanimates' content ranges from plenty of spectrums. One type of content Mew likes to make are announcements and shitposts. He likes to give shoutouts to a whole bunch of his friends, making all his viewers salty and hungry for fame, jealous seeing the B.F.P animators getting so much subscribers. He also makes very quick announcements on channel updates that he deletes after a few hours of being uploaded. One of the videos like this that are still standing is called "you want this?" which is an announcement about B.F.P scenarios, like Animation Object Show's BFB Scenarios, but with Brawl For Paradise characters. Mewanimates also uploads animation tests, shorts, MAP's and much more. His community often considers Mew's content "cream of the crop" though that's likely because of Derokinge's very hard work. Nevertheless, Mewanimates will continue to keep growing in the community.

Brawl For Paradise

Brawl For Paradise is a show created by Mewanimates. Going off the first episode, The Grass Is On The Grass's credits, and the Brawl For Paradise Official Server's #progress channel, Mewanimates has contributed in in the departments of writing, storyboarding, audio editing, voice acting, animation, and rendering. Mewanimates originally started the series on September, 9th, 2019, before rebooting it to the B.F.P we know of today. Mewanimates voice acts the B.F.P characters Diamond, Beanie, and Strawberry. It's incredibly obvious they are all voiced by the same voice actor by the tone of voice. In BFP 1: The Grass Is On The Grass, Mewanimates animated a scene that he never specified, and he went on a two week break a few months after BFP 1 to improve on animation. Although most of the animation was carried by other B.F.P animators, Mewanimates gets mostly the credit although other animators did much better jobs in animation in retrospect. Nevertheless, it's still his show, is what people say when they get questioned about the credit they give.

Characters voiced by Mewanimates


  • Mewanimates and his own mother share the birthday of April 12, which in many eyes is a great coincidence.
  • His birthday is on the date of Easter 2020.
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