Poor Beanie, he doesn't deserve this.

Ice Cream

"The Grass Is On The Grass" is the 1st and onlly finished episode of the original Brawl For Paradise.

The Plot

Cold Open

The episode begins with Beanie, laying on the grass, peacefully. He then sits up to notice something. He sees nothing, so then turns in another direction. Oreo then runs up into Beanie and then jumps onto him. Oreo doesn't get off, so Beanie runs, in an attempt to get away from Oreo. Then Crown and Ice Cream are introduced. Crown claims that this happens every day. He decides to take action and says "We must stop this madness". Oreo finally falls off Beanie, but he gets back up and chases him again.


Voice Acting

Voice actor Roles
Mewanimates Beanie/Strawberry/Diamond
Derokinge Oreo/Red Marker
CoolcidProd Ice Cream
Blue Gelatin Paddle
BoxStudios Crown
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